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Our clones were harvested from the strongest and healthiest mother plants to ensure quality CBD producing Hemp Crops at Harvest.


We grown with local farmers to help get their land producing again while creating living wage jobs in the Colorado Hemp Industry.


We tested each hemp patch weekly after flower to check cannabinoid levels are on target for harvest while maintaining the health and happiness of each plant.


Our Pet Blend is formulated by a Creative Alchemist CG and then double checked by a third party lab before bottling begins to ensure you and/or your pet is getting a consistent high quality product every time.

Pipetting Samples and Test Tube

All of our products are third party tested for purity and potency. See our Testing page for results.

Our Process

All CBD oil for our pet products came from our highest quality hemp plants that were started from Non-GMO seed. The best female plants were cloned and turned into mothers in our facility in Florence, Colorado.  At planting time the mothers got cut into clones and were sent to be grown by Local Colorado Farmers on their land with the oversight from our Master Growers who ensure organic and sustainable growing methods are achieved on each field while monitoring plant health.  The plants are pesticide free from start to finish. Once the hemp plant flowers we did weekly testing for potency levels of cannabinoids and increase to twice a week when close to harvest. We harvested each plant by hand, large water leaves are removed to be used for raw salads or fried tempura style and the rest of the plant was off to our drying facility back in Florence, CO. After drying the plants were tested for potency and then separated into flower, stems and stocks.   Flower is sent to our Local Extractor and returned to us in crude CBD full-spectrum oil form and is tested for potency and purity. The crude oil goes to our bottler who formulates each batch by emulsifying full spectrum oil in high quality olive oil and is then tested by a third party lab for purity, potency, residuals and terpenes. If the batch meets quality standard it is then bottled and labeled then returned to Colorado Healing Acres for distribution.

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