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My dog, Joy, has partial seizures, infrequent but very scary to watch. I give her Colorado Healing Acres Wellness Pet Blend twice a day, 1/4 dropper, she weighs 65 lbs. That is a dosage that keeps her seizures at bay. I did experiment and took her off for about a week, she had a seizure that week. I immediately restarted her treatment and she has not had another one. Side note- she is with me all but approximately 10 hours a week as she goes to work me a lot of the time.  I whole heartedly recommend Colorado Healing Acres Wellness Pet Blend, do your pet a favor!!!!



My cat Moo has struggled with seizures since he was about 3 months old. He was prescribed phenobarbital to resolve this and don't get me wrong, it worked. However when I had heard there was a pet marketed CBD oil made locally to us, I decided to give it a try. I slowly transitioned him off the medicine and started adding the oil directly into his food dish. After about 2 weeks he was completely off of his medicine and no seizures! It's awesome to have an all natural alternative that keeps him healthy and happy.



Harley is a 3 year old Golden with energy to run for days. After starting the Wellness Pet Blend, Harley's parents noticed that it mellowed him out without taking away all of his spunk.

Harley Harriman


This boy named Sue is a 10 year old Lab with anxiety, diabetes and joint pain. After starting the Wellness Pet Blend his mom noticed less anxiety when out on walks and less joint issues when playing ball. Sue is the reason for our new formulation of a Diabetic Pet Blend. We will keep you posted as he tests the next product in the line-up.

Edit: Diabetic Pet Blend No Longer Available

Chopper "Sue"Suey Sir


Leeroy is a 9 year old Pitty with anxiety. After starting the Wellness Pet Blend his dad noticed a big difference in Leeroy. The pup that wouldn't come close to his dad's roommate was now snuggling on his lap. Good Boy Leeroy! Leeroy will be trying out our Anxiety Pet Blend next.

Leeroy Brown


Rambler is a 10 year old French Bulldog who has allergies and mild joint pain. After taking the Wellness Pet Blend for a week he had an easier time getting up the stairs and had less issues with itching and shedding.

Little Mr Rambo "Rambler" Dude-Akins


Colorado Healing Acres makes incredible products with their amazing hemp plants! I have been using their CBD Pet Balm on my dog's dry and sun damaged nose. She was a stray for the first year of her life and developed rough, cracked and discolored skin around her nose. The balm reversed the damage within two weeks of application where as other products/ointments/moisturizers didn't help a bit. Definitely recommend any of their products for pets and human.



We adopted our dog Bella just over four year ago. She has always been a little ball of anxiety but having her brother Guinness helped calm her at home. Guinness passed away at 13 years old and Bella couldn’t handle it. We couldn’t take her for walks and even walking into the next room caused her to panic. We were at a loss and didn’t know what to do to help her. The vet wanted to put her on Trazodone but I didn't like all the possible side effects. A friend talked to me about trying CBD and we went with Colorado Healing Acres. I didn’t think it would help as much as it has! Bella has been able to relax and play again. She has even been better on walks and we were able to take a trip and she did fine. I couldn’t be happier with the results I am seeing with her. This has been a wonderful alternative to putting her on medications from the vet. Thank you, Colorado Healing Acres!


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