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Our new Adventure into Dog Treats

Like most people living in a small Colorado town our favorite place to hang out with our pets and socialize is at our local brewery. Our specific brewery allows pets on leashes to come in and hang out with their puppy parents and enjoy eating popcorn and playing with the other local dogs. This is a community staple here in Florence, CO and if you ever need a puppy fix just show up and wait a few minutes and one or five will walk through that door. All while enjoying one of their fresh brewed craft beers or seltzers.

A visit a few months ago spurred the conversation with the brewery owner and myself about what they do with all of the spent brewers grain that they go through from making their wonderful crafted beers. At that point they were putting out on the curb for local farmers to pick for livestock feed. The spent grain has a ton of nutritional value and most of the sugars have been taken out of it to make the beer but the protein and fiber remained.

What a perfect ingredient for dog treats I thought and obviously I wasn’t the only one thinking this and I found a bunch of great recipes online to try out. The first ingredient was easy, Spent Grain from local brewer… Check. Flour, I opted for the unbleached flower to keep it as natural as possible… Check. Eggs, well it just so happens that my wife is a backyard chicken keeper so… Check. Last was peanut butter, well this is where it gets tricky. After having a diabetic dog we are label watchers like no tomorrow. All of the peanut butter on the shelves of even our health food store had some sort of sweetener. So making an all-natural peanut butter became my number one priority. Really it’s not hard at all if you have a decent food processor and someone to clean up after you. I say that because I refuse to do dishes at home and it drives my wife crazy. I opted for the unsalted roasted peanuts, added a dash of olive oil to make it creamy and now we have all the ingredients to make some bomb cookies.

Our first attempted cookies were too soft and wouldn’t last long so we baked the second batch longer at a lower temp but still too soft. We tried and tried again until we had a cookie that tasted great and would last for weeks in a cookie jar. My pups love them but I don’t give any to my diabetic dog just because there is a small about of sugar left over from the brew process in the grain. However, he loves the peanut butter and I can rest assured that there are no hidden ingredients in it.

Our next step is to infuse the cookies with CBD and figure out packaging. We will also be infusing the peanut butter and packaging that as well and of course we will TEST, TEST, TEST before heading to market. Hopefully someday soon you will be able to purchase these treats for your own pet but in the meantime come down to the Florence Brewing Company to grab a beer and see if they have any samples laying around of the cookies. All of our other products are sold there as well.

I’m having so much fun playing with different recipes and all kinds of ingredients with the whole team. I am absolutely lucky to love what I do, love the products we make and love the people and pets I get to work with. Also, I want to give Big Thank you to Florence Brewing Co for being such an amazing addition to our community.

If you have any product suggestions please send us a note. We would love your feedback. Cheers and Live Well.