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Is CBD Snake Oil? How to buy a quality product

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CBD has been getting a bad name lately and is being considered to be the modern day Snake Oil. So many people have purchased a CBD product without doing the research on the company, give it to their pet a couple of times and get frustrated when they don’t get immediate results. We are seeing studies from all over the world that are proving the benefits of CBD, so why is it not working for you? Here are some things to consider:

Are you buying from a reputable source? Did you just pick up a bottle of CBD at a local gas station or in the impulse buy section of a store or from a pop up ad online?

Unfortunately with the CBD boom comes a lot of people claiming they have the best product and in reality their product comes from a white label manufacturer that is providing the same product to multiple branding companies. I’m not saying all white label manufacturers are bad but this does result in the same oil being sold with a different name all at different prices.

So the next question is, who is everyone involved in the process of making the product you are buying? Where did the hemp come from? Who processed it? Who formulated it? Who bottled it? Who tested it? Answering these questions could lead you on a daunting task turning you into the next hemp PI. I have noticed that there is not a lot of transparency with a lot of the larger brands but they have a ton of $$$ to get the word out. They are hitting millions of people with their endless advertising budgets while small boutique farms are building their brands on results with customers and growing with word of mouth.

We all know that word of mouth can go either way so you have to prove you have the best product by actually having the best product. This is a lot of pressure but here is how our boutique farm is trying.

We are with the product from start to finish and we take the time to ensure quality and consistency is reached in each small batch. Our products don’t run down a commercial product line with machines and multiple people coming in contact with the ingredients. We only grow what we can plant by hand and harvest by hand so each plant gets personal attention from our two growers daily to maintain a healthy crop.

We extract with a local boutique extraction company who focuses on quality in small batches just like we do. We test for everything once the full spectrum oil returns to us with two independent Colorado labs before our formulator starts doing the math to mix it with high quality EVOO and Vitamin E. All of our products are built from there with adding only the best natural ingredients to each specific blend. We test, test, test! It’s very important to us to give to customer exactly what’s on the label.

Testing isn’t just making sure the potency is what the product is claiming on the bottle. You also have to make sure they are testing for microbials, pesticides, heavy metals, and other potential contaminants. The hemp plant is a great plant to repair soil because it does absorb anything in the soil. In some places they are using hemp for radiation clean up because it does such a good job at cleaning the earth. However, if someone is using hemp to clean their soil and then selling the hemp to the open market to be used in products you now will absorb these contaminants as well and the therapeutic benefits are canceled out with junk you’re putting in your body from the hemp oil. This is why testing should be the most important first step to any product development.

All of the members of Colorado Healing Acres and the companies we work with in the process of making our products have one very important thing in common, we are in the hemp and CBD industry because we believe in the benefits and are determined to make a quality product to help as many people (pets) as we can. We are not rich corporations but farmers and entrepreneurs coming together to create products we are proud of and we stand behind.

So now that you know how to buy a quality product now lets focus on expectations from the product. Why are you trying CBD? If your pet has seizures, anxiety, inflammation, diabetes, pain or mobility issues, I say you are absolutely on the right track. But if you are thinking this a quick fix to behavioral issues or to use instead of training you will think this is a snake oil too. Although CBD can potentially help calm your pet down to aid in training and give your pet some comfort from ailments, it is not the Dog Whisperer in a bottle. You are not going to see immediate results. CBD has to build up in the body to see the full therapeutic affect and is best used in conjunction with proper diet, exercise and use of consistent training and handling methods.

I hope this helps you on your journey to buying a quality product that fits your needs. Cheers and Live Well.

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