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  • Charlette Henager

Diabetic Pet Blend and my pet’s journey

I have never written a blog before but there is always a first for everything. In this first blog I want to talk about our Colorado Healing Acres Diabetic Pet Blend product and how it has helped my personal pet “Sue Dog”.

A year ago my father was on hospice at home and a lot of my time was dedicated to being with him while also trying to get a new company off the ground. I would go home and feed my dogs, play a minute and then off again to a meeting, doctor’s appointment or to sit by my dad’s side. I neglected to see that my Labrador was losing weight at a rapid pace. After my father passed I was sitting in the living room and noticed that Sue Dog was having a hard time getting into his favorite chair. Upon further inspection his ribs were starting to show and his hind legs were obviously hurting him. My wife and I immediately called and made an appointment with our vet.

As soon as the vet walked into the room at the clinic he took a sniff and said, “I think I know exactly what’s going on… he’s diabetic.” I thought to myself, how in the world could you know that just from smelling the air and not even seeing the dog yet? But to my surprise the lab results confirmed that my Sue Dog was in fact diabetic.

They started him on an insulin regimen right away but it took until September to get his glucose levels where they needed to be. In the meantime our team at Colorado Healing Acres had been working on and released our Wellness Pet Blend CBD product to the market and we were seeing great results with other pets using it for seizures, mild anxiety, joint pain and nausea.

At this time we decided to add cinnamon and ginseng to the Wellness Pet Blend and give it a go on Sue Dog to see if it would help lower his need for insulin. We started adding 1 dropperful (1ml or 20mg) per day to his meals for one month and to our surprise his lab reports showed that Diabetic Pet Blend could be helping support his blood sugar levels. We kept him on this dose for another 3 months and the labs remained consistent.

We removed the Diabetic Pet Blend from his diet for one month to see if it was indeed helping. When returning for his monthly check up and labs his glucose went up by over 100 points. We have now put him back on the Diabetic Pet Blend and will recheck his labs in one month.

It’s hard to do a controlled study with just one pet but I do believe we are getting these positive results for a few reasons.

1. The Full Spectrum Hemp Oil is helping keep his inflammation down and increasing his mobility.

2. The cinnamon and ginseng are supporting his blood sugar levels by lowering his resistance to insulin.

3. Ginseng and Olive Oil are assisting in supporting healthy weight, which is making it easier to maintain his blood sugar levels.

We are currently working with our vet to find more diabetic animals to try our Diabetic Pet Blend and see if the results continue to show the benefits of the product.